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ISO 6022 Series Hydraulic Cylinder  
NFPA Series 3000 Hydraulic Cylinder  
R3000 Roundline Series Cylinder  
A3000 Series ASEA stainless Steel Hydraulic Cylinder  

Queensland Hydraulics Pty Ltd is an Australian owned Engineering Manufacturing Company specializing in the Manufacture, Installation and Commissioning of Hydraulic Systems. We Design and Manufacture our own range of Hydraulic Cylinders. These include the N.F.P.A Standard the ISO 6022 Standard Heavy Duty Industrial Cylinders, as well as our Roundline Series. A3000 A.S.A.E. Interchangeable – N.F.P.A.(dimension envelope) Roundline and our R3000 Industrial series complete our Roundline Cylinder Range. Hydraulic Power Units, Valve and Gate Actuators are also Designed and Manufactured in our Brisbane facility, which was established in 1976. In support of our workshop facilities we have our own mechanical engineering staff which gives us the capacity to design and manufacture equipment and machines ranging from structural steel to integrated electro-hydraulic control systems. Our fully equipped site installation workshop allows us to complete installations with a high degree of professionalism as evidenced by the type and size of the projects completed.

Queensland Hydraulics Pty Ltd has developed a range of self contained large Valve and Gate Actuators which we believe to be unique in the world. We are also Australia’s most experienced manufacturer of Stainless Steel Hydraulic Cylinders and components for submerged operation and for operation in harsh environments.

As you will see, from the information above and our lists of successfully completed contracts, we have gained a sound reputation for Design, Manufacture and Installation of Hydraulic and Engineering Equipment in a wide variety of projects.

Rodney Hunt Contract Awarded
Ord River Dam Upgrade
Weita Weir Gates Upgrade
New Zealand Technical Workshop
Scrivener Dam Upgrade
North Pine Dam
Nadarivatu Dam Fiji