Here at Queensland Hydraulics, we are able to repair many types and variations of hydraulic components. Our team has an extensive range of experience working with all hydraulic repair systems and components as our workshops are well equipped and prepared to work on any challenge necessary.

By being able to manufacture and install a various range of hydraulic systems in our workshops, we have a total level of control over the quality of systems and machines that we repair for every single customer we provide for. Because of our in-house repair team being closely connected to our manufacture and installation team, if you require a new part for your hydraulic system you don’t have to wait weeks or even months to receive the part; it will already be stocked and available in our warehouse.

By consistently delivering on every hydraulic repair we do, we have developed a reputation over the years as one of Queensland’s premier hydraulic repair teams.

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Hydraulic Repair Australia Best Done By Queensland Hydraulics

Here at Queensland Hydraulics, we are able to repair many types and variations of hydraulic repairs while guaranteeing you a high-quality service that consists of high-level hydraulic work mixed with great customer service that will keep you informed. Since Queensland Hydraulics is a leader in the hydraulic industry in Queensland, we can repair the following variations of Hydraulics below:

  • Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Hydraulic Components
  • Hydraulic Equipment
  • Hydraulic Machinery
  • Hydraulic Systems
  • Hydraulic Hose

The Queensland Hydraulics team is able to repair and work on all hydraulic component types as we have the resources, experience and personnel to fix and solve any hydraulic issue thrown our way. We have the stock available to repair any cylinder type and components. We can also service any motors that were operating but have experienced a drop in performance, a leaking, or a premature failure.

Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs Queensland

Here at Queensland Hydraulics, we are Hydraulic Cylinders repair specialists as we have the right combination of experienced professionals and repair systems to be able to repair cylinders. While there are rare cases of Hydraulic Cylinders being damaged beyond repair, in most examples of cylinders being damaged, they can be fixed and restored by professionals.

Our team specializes in cylinder reshaping and can adjust and repair any cylinder into its original size and shape while maintaining the integrity of the fittings and surface.

Hydraulic Repair Near Brisbane City Qld

Our expert team functions near the heart of Brisbane City, located in the suburb of Salisbury (15 minute drive). We can provide our services and repair any hydraulic system to all locals and businesses in Brisbane, all the way from Caboolture to North Gold Coast. If you’re located in Brisbane and need a hydraulic repair, we can assist. If you’re not located close to Brisbane, we can ship our items directly to your area.

Hydraulic Repairs Near Me

If you live around the city of Brisbane and are in need of a Hydraulic repair, contact us today and we can assist you with any hydraulic component and hydraulic system.

Hydraulic Repair Services From Queensland Hydraulics

Hydraulic Piston Repairs

Hydraulic pistons can most often be repaired to a flawless or close to flawless condition, however, if the piston is highly damaged then there is a chance it cannot be repaired. To perform a hydraulic repair on a piston, we must first inspect and quote the state of the piston.

Hydraulic Barrel Repairs

Here at Queensland Hydraulics, we are able to perform a hydraulic repair on a barrel. Repairing a hydraulic barrel requires us to thoroughly clean the insides of the barrel, which are usually blocked from end to end when we receive them due to consistent usage. However, due to damage, there are rare cases where a hydraulic barrel can not be cleaned or repaired and must be replaced in order to efficiently work.

Hydraulic Headcap Repairs

Performing a hydraulic repair on a head cap can be a difficult process if you don’t have the knowledge. The hydraulic head caps are located in front of the piston, piston seals and locknuts and near the rod. In the process of reassembling the headcap from the rod and cylinder, you must always have the Dual Seal feeling fairly loose so you can easily re-install it when you have to.

Hydraulic RAM Repairs

If there has been a minor pit in your hydraulic cylinder, we can repair the cylinder and take it through a restoration process which involves our team filling in the pits and completely restoring the piston rods attached. Typically, a hydraulic RAM has failed due to the deterioration of its seals which is most common, or in the less likely event, the cylinder has experienced psychical damage. With our experience, typically all cases of any rods being bent can be amended by straightening it out into a pressing machine. We typically clean the hydraulic piston during our hydraulic repair process.

Hydraulic Specialists Queensland Hydraulics At Your Service

Queensland Hydraulics are your go-to hydraulics specialists for any and all hydraulic repair issues. If you’re dealing with a hydraulic issue and need a trusted, quality and experienced hydraulic team to repair your needs, contact us today.

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Our 40 years of business and reputation has been built around our company motto “Success Through Quality” and this is validated by Our ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System. It is third party audited annually and extends throughout our organisation including our repair and maintenance service.

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As an Engineer and manufacturer of our own proprietary hydraulic cylinder range we are suitably qualified to repair any hydraulic cylinder. We have the right machinery, tools, people and knowledge. We are engineers and capable of completing an FEA (Finite Element Analysis) and engineering calculations to identify a cylinder’s stress points and confirm its suitability and sustainability to the tasks it is undertaking.

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For those companies that have stringent Quality Control processes and requirements, you’ll be impressed with our repair service offering. We can provide you with inspection reports once we’ve disassembled and inspected your cylinder outlining our findings, our repair recommendations and itemising all facets of proposed work along with the respective costs.

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A critical piece to your repair puzzle is partnering with an organisation that understands and is responsive to your needs. We are small enough to be agile and flexible and capable of meeting the demands customers place on us, yet big enough to have ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems in place to ensure a quality product and service each and every time.

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With over 180 years of collective experience in the hydraulics industry, and in our humble opinion, you’d be hard pressed to find a more knowledgeable and dedicated supplier.

Our solutions and products are proven and have stood the test of time and all our staff are suitably qualified in professionally handling your hydraulic matters.

Cylinder sample 1

Before – Disassembled

Before Repair

Cleaned – Disassembled


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Cylinder sample 2

Before – Disassembled

Before Repair

Cleaned – Disassembled


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Before – Disassembled

Before Repair

Cleaned – Disassembled


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