Queensland Hydraulics manufactures a full range of NFPA, ISO standard and custom designed hydraulic cylinders including a stainless steel hydraulic cylinder range suitable for marine, underwater and adverse environments.

With over 40 years of experience manufacturing hydraulic cylinders you can rely on a Queensland Hydraulics cylinder when reliability, performance and extended working lifetime are paramount.

A Queensland Hydraulics cylinder sets itself apart from the others for the following reasons:

  • Cylinders can be custom designed to meet specific client requirements.
  • The most suitable material grades are selected for their mechanical strength properties or for their corrosion resistance.
  • Seal types are selected to suit the application in relation to operating speeds, fluid medium or environment such as high temperature areas or underwater applications.
  • All cylinders are tested to ISO 10100
  • All cylinder components are engineered and are machined on all surfaces to be flat and square (i.e. no saw cut or oxy cut faces) to assist with the accuracy of mountings as well as service and repair work.
  • Surface finishes of chromed piston rods and honed cylinder tubes are measured to ensure they conform to seal manufacturers specification.
  • All cylinder components are machined within the tolerances of engineered production drawings.
  • All Carbon Steel cylinders are finished with a two pack epoxy paint. Stainless Steel cylinders are passivated and polished.
  • All cylinders are pressure tested, documented and certified.
  • Material test certificates for all components are available on request.