Valve and Gate Actuators

Queensland Hydraulics supply a comprehensive range of custom designed, purpose built powered actuators for the Australian market. Our actuators have proven popular as a drive mechanism for dam gates, irrigation channel gates, and water control valves such as butterfly valves and fixed cone dispersion valves.

Valve Actuation

Features of our butterfly valve and fixed cone dispersion valve actuation include:

  • Double or single acting
  • Counterweight to close
  • Designed to operate with hydraulic oil or water
  • Manufactured in either carbon or stainless steel (suitable for harsh environments)
  • Position indication (visually or electrically) via proximity switches, limit switches, linear transducers, or latching device

We have also provided numerous actuation solutions using plunger and plug valves.

Gate Actuation

Queensland Hydraulics provides turn-key actuation solutions for flap gates, wheel gates, slide gates, radial gates, & fishlock gates. Features include:

  • Custom designed, purpose built
  • Manufactured in stainless steel to suit harsh environments
  • Size range up to 8 metre stroke
  • Option for remote Scada control
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